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We are a premier exterminator servicing Weston, Florida with many exterminator, rodent removal, and pest control services for the Weston, Florida area.  We are proud to be your Weston exterminator of choice and we’re certain that we can provide you with the best solution for your residential and commercial pest problems.

If you have bed bug problems, termite problems, bees, wasps, spiders, rodents or any insect, pest, rodent or other problem call Price Termite & Pest today!  You will find our staff honest, easy to work with, and knowledgeable.  In addition, we are one of the best pest control companies in Weston as rated by many services.

Superior Pest Extermination for Weston, FL

We are your company for Weston Pest Control Services. Our experienced, certified Weston exterminators can tackle any pest or rodent issue you may be experiencing. From termites, fleas, ants, earwigs or other insects to rodent problems such as mice or rats, our Weston pest control techs will eradicate your pest issues from your home, yard or business.

We are staffed by well trained certified Weston exterminators, licensed technicians, and customer care professionals.  Price Termite & Pest offers quality service with a reasonable price. We are able to customize our termite and pest management services to fit your needs. Whether you need treatment in your home, office, apartment or commercial building, we are here to help.

Commercial Weston Pest Control

Are you a business owner looking for Weston commercial pest control services? Then you’re in luck! Our commercial pest control technicians can treat any pest problem your business or organization may be having in the Weston, FL area.

Our clients in Weston consist of restaurants, schools, apartment complexes, retail businesses and churches. Our commercial pest control technicians can remove the termites from your walls and keep the rodents out of your kitchen. Most Weston businesses know how important it is to present a clean and professional image for their clients and potential clients. Word about pest problems at businesses spreads quickly. And trust us, that’s not the reputation you want.

Your business or organization can’t afford for you to wait until there is a pest problem before taking action. You should take measures to ensure that you don’t have any pest problems by using a preventative approach. Our commercial pest control technicians will draft a plan of action for your business based on past experience with other businesses. Our technicians are trained to minimize disturbances to your business.

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We’d love to answer any questions you have about your pest problem or our pest control services. Make sure that the company you hire to perform your work is experienced, honest, and willing to answer any questions you have. Give us a call at (954) 651-9755 today to explore our pest control options further.


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